All parts are manufactured with robustness and reliability in mind. The handles are made of tempered steel with an epoxy coating. The inner surfaces are treated with plastic oil, both handles have a shockproof grip of Hostalen LD Plastic. Parts like the claw and the axblade are made out of tempered toolsteel, electrolytically zinc plated. The sawblade and the knife are made from bimetallic, non-chattering high-speed steel. The holster is manufactured from heat resistant polyamide reinforced with fibreglass, ventilated with holes and buttons made out of brass. Every tool is assembled by hand and inspected before packing. Both holster and plastic case versions are made for long-term storage.

Handles and spade made from tempered steel

Epoxy lackered

High grip handles

Axe and crowbar in tempered toolsteel electrolytically zinc plated

Knife and sawblade made from bimetallic non-chattering high-speed steel

Holster made from heat resistant polyamide reinforced with fibreglass



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